Press-release «Queen’s naked dress»

Cat’s Production brand was developed in 2007 and in2008 Natasha Melentyeva, the soul and the inventor of the brand, showed her models to a saint-petersburg designer Leonid Alexeev. Since that important moment Leonid Alexeev Company started producing and realizing Cat’s Production designs by Natasha’s sketches. During 2 years of collaboration the brand was presented in a show room in Loft Project, 2 collections of conceptual hats were launched, the first fashion in Lenexpo show took place.

In November 2009 in order to delight saint-petersburg artistic people Cat’s Production opened its first mono brand shop.

The brand Cat’s Production is simple and versatile just like the happiest creature. The silhouettes put everything in a crazy fashion world back to the right place: the waist is exactly where it must be, the shoulders are sharpened just like ones of a young thin beauty, the length of the dresses opens legs as much as it leaves space to imagination, harsh back reminds of female proud posture. The brand delicately reminds of the right exploitation of the female body parts. Cat’s Production likes ironic accessory and grotesque shoulders, textured cuts. Refined Cat’s Production ladies decorate themselves with huge woolen bows, spunky bakery brooches, pink shoulders straps, and of course with symbols of female intellectual leisure – glasses, books, notes and musical instruments. Looking on a brand’s heroine, it gets clear that she means it serious – here are the intellect, the ambitions and a strict character.

Each Cat’s Production garment has it’s own name like “Dress: Naked Breakfast”, “Skirt: I am an unthinkable coquette!” or “Coat: Wings? What are you talking about?”.

Text by Elena Molozeva

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